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Insurance Defense

This is one of the mainstays of our practice, and we are proud to count among our insurance clients many of the world’s largest property and casualty insurers. 

But that is only part of the story, because we also enjoy longstanding relationships with numerous writers in the mid-markets and specialty markets, as well as several self-insured entities ranging from Southeast Michigan’s Regional Transportation Authority to several of the largest corporations in the world.

Our clients look to us to present in-house seminars, where we gladly convey information aimed at improving all aspects of claims handling in the auto, home, commercial general liability, and insurance coverage arenas. Several of our auto insurer clients, in fact, have redrafted their insurance products or changed portions of their claim procedures after a top-down review with our team of professionals. This is one example of the forward-thinking, partnering approach that has propelled us forward into one of Michigan’s premier insurance defense firms.

Our insurance defense expertise includes:

  • Wrongful death
  • All aspects of no-fault litigation
  • Complex no-fault coverage questions
  • Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association compliance
  • Premises liability
  • Commercial general liability coverage and litigation
  • Motor carrier defense
  • Group home and adult foster care defense
  • Product liability
  • Property loss and fire subrogation defense

Some of the notable cases we have defended include:

  • A multi-million dollar motor carrier loss involving a non-party fault defense premised upon negligent design and implementation of a highway construction project.
  • Representation of a material design firm following the collapse of a handling rack at a Big Three manufacturing facility.
  • A bacterial meningitis and amputation claim subsequent to a motor vehicle accident involving head injury, compromise of sinus cavity, and alleged onset of the bacterial infection.
  • A complex no-fault coverage claim involving an out-of-state accident with foreign claimants, and an out-of-state insurance policy with significant misrepresentation, policy reformation, and health insurance offset aspects.

Adding value is the key to success and deep client relationships in this competitive practice area. And to us, adding value means a lot more than just getting good results. It means being creative, going the extra mile, and helping clients become better at what they do.

Attorneys in this Practice Area

Applin, Amy S.Shareholder(248) 254-4865Vcard
Assenmacher, Nicholas J.Associate(248) 254-4847Vcard
Assenmacher, Scott M.Associate(248) 254-4836 Vcard
Bassily, Mark M.Associate(248) 254- 4877Vcard
Beadle, Dylan M.Associate(248) 254- 4877Vcard
Bearse, Thomas T.Associate(248) 254-4898 Vcard
Belden, Laura C.Associate(248) 851-4111Vcard
Bodwin, Theresa A.Associate(248) 254-4835Vcard
Boonenberg, Claudia C.Associate(248) 970-7023Vcard
Brown, Jonathan D.Associate(248) 970-7033Vcard
Bush, Raffi J.Associate(248)254-4994Vcard
Campbell, CelestaAssociate(248) 254-4863Vcard
Chauncey, Spencer B.Associate(248) 254-4849Vcard
Chesney, Christopher A.Associate(248) 254-4906Vcard
Christopher, Joshua T.Associate(248) 254-4843
Coleman , Nicole L.Associate(248) 851-4111Vcard
DeBiasi, Jalese D.Associate(248) 254-4875Vcard
DePrekel, Katelyn M.Associate(248) 254-4817Vcard
DePriest, Danielle R.Associate(248) 254-4855 Vcard
DeVos, Cristy M.Associate(248) 254-4897Vcard
Dodge, Kaitlin C.Associate(248) 254-4978Vcard
Duschinsky, Chad M.Associate(248) 254-4972Vcard
Getto, Cameron R.Shareholder(248) 851-4111Vcard
Gruner, Jonathan F.Associate(248) 254-4851Vcard
Heintzelman, Brandon S.Associate(248) 254-4982Vcard
Hudson, Heidi D.Shareholder(248) 254-4846Vcard
Jedell, Daniel I.Associate(248) 254-4923Vcard
Johnson, Eula J.Associate(248)254-4858Vcard
Kelter, Grant D.Associate(248) 970-7050Vcard
King, Brian D.Associate(248) 970-7020Vcard
Kovach, Logan R.Associate(248) 254-4871Vcard
Ksar, Janetta A.
Shareholder(248) 254-4966Vcard
MacBeth, Colin B.Associate(248) 254-4974Vcard
Macionski, Kristina M.Associate(248) 851-4111Vcard
McCarthy, Daniel J.Shareholder(248) 254-4861Vcard
McCarthy, Katharine G.Associate(248) 254-4976Vcard
McNaughton, Matthew G.Shareholder(248) 851-4111Vcard
Moore, April E.Shareholder(248) 254-4845Vcard
Mullett, Jeremy M. Shareholder(248) 254-4907Vcard
Neal, Shaun M.-J.Associate(248) 254-4920Vcard
Ohl, Shawn K.Associate(248) 254-4999Vcard
Padgett, Bryan R.Shareholder(248) 254-4916Vcard
Patton, Breanne M.Associate(248) 254-4959Vcard
Polidori, DavidAssociate(248) 970-7021Vcard
Post II, A. AdamAssociate(248) 851-4111Vcard
Rice, Cinnamon A.Shareholder(248) 254-4856Vcard
Rumery, ElizabetaAssociate(248) 254-4813Vcard
Schwartz, Michael A.Shareholder(248) 254-4810Vcard
Sheikh, Mohammad B.Associate(248) 970-7036Vcard
Silvestri, FlorianneAssociate(248) 254-4899Vcard
VanGemert, Jonathan A.Associate(248) 254- 4830Vcard
Warwick, Kyle A.Associate(248) 254-4963Vcard
Wawrzyniak, Lauren M.Shareholder(248) 254-4912Vcard
Webber, Daniel P.Associate(248) 254-4823Vcard
Wejroch, Eric J.Associate(248) 254-4892Vcard
Wendrow, Tali F.Associate(248) 254-4908Vcard
Wright, Nicole M.Shareholder(248) 851-4111Vcard
Wright, James C.Shareholder(248) 254-4905Vcard
Zausmer, Mark J.Shareholder(248) 851-4111Vcard
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