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Business & Commercial Litigation

We litigate cases on behalf of some of the largest corporations in the world as well as small business owners and individuals. Each matter gets our full attention and creative approach.

The Business & Commercial Litigation Practice is the backbone of Zausmer, August & Caldwell, closely intertwined with almost all of our other practice areas. We view ourselves not only as attorneys, but also as legal strategists. Whether our clients’ objectives are grandiose or modest, litigation is often like war.

Clients come and return to us because we listen, understand, fight efficiently, and win. Our attorneys litigate matters in multiple forums in Michigan and around the nation, bringing and defending cases involving a host of issues.

Sometimes it is in our clients’ best interest to settle matters. Other times our clients can only prevail before a jury or arbitration panel. We painstakingly prepare each case for trial and counsel our clients to make the best possible business decisions knowing that no stone has been left unturned.

Our approach is to thoroughly understand each matter at the outset to devise a strategy that will aggressively win the war without fighting unnecessary battles.

Attorneys in this Practice Area

Applin, Amy S.Shareholder(248) 254-4865Vcard
August, Gary K.Shareholder(248) 851-4111Vcard
Bassily, Mark M.Associate(248) 254- 4877Vcard
Beadle, Dylan M.Associate(248) 254-4874Vcard
Boardman, Mischa M.Shareholder(248) 254-4816Vcard
DeBiasi, Jalese D.Associate(248) 254-4875Vcard
Eatherly , Steven R.Associate(248) 970-7029Vcard
Getto, Cameron R.Shareholder(248) 851-4111Vcard
Guttman, Nickolas M.Associate(248) 970-7015Vcard
Kelter, Grant D.Associate(248) 970-7050Vcard
King, Brian D.Associate(248) 970-7020Vcard
Moore, April E.Shareholder(248) 254-4845Vcard
McNaughton, Matthew G.Shareholder(248) 851-4111Vcard
Merritt, Christopher A.Associate(248) 970-7027Vcard
Ohl, Shawn K.Associate(248) 254-4999Vcard
Patton, Breanne M.Associate(248) 254-4959Vcard
Patton, Richard A.Associate(248) 254-4832Vcard
Petrik, Alex M.Associate(248) 254-4910Vcard
Schwartz, Michael A.Shareholder(248) 254-4810Vcard
Sullivan, Devin R.Shareholder(248) 254-4824Vcard
Wawrzyniak, Lauren M.Shareholder(248) 254-4912Vcard
Wright, Nicole M.Shareholder(248) 851-4111Vcard
Zausmer, Mark J.Shareholder(248) 851-4111Vcard
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