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Mischa Boardman and Devin Sullivan invited to present ITC’s Michigan Thumb Loop to Michigan Real Estate Practitioners

ZAC Boardman

The Michigan Chapter of the International Right of Way Association welcomed ZAC attorneys Mischa Boardman and Devin Sullivan as featured speakers at its Annual Educational Fall Seminar, held this year at Shanty Creek Resort. Mischa and Devin partnered with representatives of International Transmission Company, Metro Consulting Services, and Chamberlain & Walsh to present a multi-disciplined view of bringing ITC’s Thumb Loop project – a 140-mile electric transmission line – to fruition. Members of the project team, including Todd Edwards (project engineer), Andy Chamberlain (expert real estate appraiser), Jenny D’Anna (company representative/senior counsel), Wyatt Price (land acquisition agent), along with Mischa and Devin, discussed the importance of a well-integrated project team and the success their team had in navigating many issues while bringing this massive utility project in on time and under budget.

Devin Sullivan

Devin Sullivan

The presentation was favorably received by the IRWA membership. The attendees were actively involved, asking dozens of questions related to the route selection, engineering, land acquisition, appraisal, and extensive litigation associated with the line.

IRWA is an organization founded in 1934 that is comprised of global infrastructure real estate professionals who acquire, manage, and transfer the land rights needed for building and maintaining energy and transportation infrastructure.


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