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Insurance Coverage

Some of the largest cases involving insurance arise in the coverage arena, where the exposure becomes an “all or nothing” proposition.

Zausmer, August & Caldwell is on the cutting edge of insurance coverage issues significantly impacting insurance companies and businesses. We have litigated numerous coverage issues to the Michigan Supreme Court, and have played an instrumental role in setting the standards on coverage issues in Michigan. We have litigated coverage issues on behalf of countless insurance companies and the largest corporations in the state.

Our attorneys handle disputes originating from a broad range of liability insurance policies, including:

  • Commercial general liability
  • Directors’ and officers’ liability
  • Employment practice liability
  • Errors and omissions (including professional liability policies covering health care providers, architects and engineers, attorneys, accountants, and fiduciaries)
  • First party property insurance
  • Business interruption
  • Excess and umbrella
  • Specialty lines

We routinely provide coverage opinions to our clients on a range of issues from high dollar value exposures found in environmental, construction, and property damage claims to the most complicated and intricate automobile No-Fault coverage issues. We actively stay current with all trends in coverage claims. For example, computers are an integral part of any business, and the firm has successfully obtained business interruption coverage for its clients for losses arising from computer failures.

The firm is also experienced in all issues related to voiding of insurance policies on the basis of fraud or misrepresentation. We have represented insurance carriers before the Michigan Department of Insurance and Financial Services asserting the rights of carriers to rescind policies based on material misrepresentations.

With the stakes in the millions of dollars, we repeatedly obtain successful results for our clients.

Attorneys in this Practice Area

Acosta, AdrianAssociate(248) 851-4111Vcard
Applin, Amy S.Shareholder(248) 254-4865Vcard
Assenmacher, Nicholas J. Associate(248) 254-4847Vcard
Assenmacher, Scott M.Associate(248) 254-4836 Vcard
August, Gary K.Shareholder(248) 851-4111Vcard
Belden, Laura C.Associate(248) 851-4111Vcard
Bush, Raffi J.Associate(248) 851-4111Vcard
Caldwell, Michael L.Shareholder(248) 254-4818Vcard
Chauncey, Spencer B.
Associate(248) 851-4111Vcard
Chesney, Christopher A.Associate(248) 254-4906Vcard
Christopher, Joshua T.Associate(248) 851-4111Vcard
Coleman, Nicole L.Associate(248) 851-4111Vcard
DePrekel, Katelyn M.Associate(248) 851-4111Vcard
Dodge, Kaitlin C.Associate(248) 254-4978Vcard
Durity, Melissa A.Associate(248) 254-4896Vcard
Gruner, Jonathan F.Associate(248) 851-4111Vcard
Hudson, Heidi D.Shareholder(248) 254-4846Vcard
Jedell, Daniel I.Associate(248) 254-4923Vcard
Johnson, Eula J.Associate(248) 851-4111Vcard
Kovach, Logan R.Associate(248) 851-4111Vcard
Ksar, Janetta A.Associate(248) 851-4111Vcard
Kuper, Michael L.Associate(248) 254-4968Vcard
MacBeth, Colin B.Associate(248) 254-4974Vcard
Macionski, Kristina M.Associate(248) 851-4111Vcard
McCarthy, Daniel J.Shareholder(248) 254-4861Vcard
Moore, April E.Shareholder(248) 254-4845Vcard
Mullett, Jeremy M.Shareholder(248) 254-4907Vcard
Ollgaard, Elizabeth J.Associate(248) 254-4854Vcard
Padgett, Bryan R.Shareholder(248) 254-4916Vcard
Post II, A. AdamAssociate(248) 851-4111Vcard
Rice, Cinnamon A.Shareholder(248) 254-4856Vcard
Rumery, ElizabetaAssociate(248) 254-4813Vcard
Schwartz, Michael A.Shareholder(248) 254-4810Vcard
Torigian, Alec M.Associate(248) 851-4111Vcard
Tselepis, Nicholas A.Associate(248) 851-4111Vcard
VanGemert, Jonathan A.Associate(248) 254- 4830Vcard
Warwick,Kyle A.Associate(248) 254-4963Vcard
Wawrzyniak, Lauren M.Shareholder(248) 254-4912Vcard
Webber, Daniel P.Associate(248) 254-4823Vcard
Wejroch, Eric J.Associate(248) 851-4111Vcard
Wright, James C.Shareholder(248) 254-4905Vcard
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